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Climbing Spielberg

Television series and documentary

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Climbing Spielberg is a television series that I directed and produced with my colleagues Cecilia Verheyden and Raf Roosens. A documentary version of the series was released in Belgian movie theaters and got listed in the official selection of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), Docville and Planete Doc Review.

Short synopsis: How do you get into Hollywood? Three young Belgian filmmakers are not planning on leaving it up to fate, so they aim for the big cheese in Tinseltown: Steven Spielberg. The diplomas they just obtained from the Brussels Film School are not providing them with the cash flow they need to jumpstart a big compelling movie career so Cecilia, Senne, and Raf head to Hollywood to speak with the blockbuster director. Armed with DVDs of their graduation films, they plan to sell Spielberg a screenplay they wrote themselves. Penniless, they spend 40 days hanging posters around downtown Los Angeles, they appeal to radio and TV stations, meet Steven's hairdresser, sneak into the Academy Awards, and talk to famous people at a fundraiser event. The film becomes a road movie when the brave Belgians decide to visit Spielberg's childhood home in Phoenix, hoping to learn more about his youth. They even use the same crafty tactics that Spielberg employed himself to get a job as a director.

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