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Short film

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‘Fertilize’ is the short film that I wrote and directed as my final assignment (2007) at the film school in Brussels.

With the help of literally hundreds of people from all over the world (mostly students) we succeeded in making the impossible possible. ‘Fertilize’ became the short film with the largest amount of visual-effects shots ever seen at the time.

Junkie XL, composer of films like Kingdom of Heaven, The Animatrix, Resident Evil, The Beach, Blade, … created the soundtrack.

The movie tells the story of a beautiful girl in equally aesthetically overwhelming surroundings. In this futuristic and imaginary environment, she is surrounded by thousands of warriors who are all part of a magnificent choreography of dance and fight. In the end only one warrior meets destiny.

‘Fertilize’ was selected in the official selection of Short Film Festival Leuven, LA Shorts Fest, Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Montréal World Film Festival, Film Festival Milan, Palm Springs Festival of Short Films, Monterrey Film Festival and the Brussels Fantastic Film Festival among others.

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